Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday Rant

Beep. Hi ! Oh well, let me count for how many months have I been on hiatus...well. I suck at maths. Hah! So, a lot of things have been going on in my life and aha I feel like ranting right now. I mean like FINALLY I HAVE MY TIME TO RANT THAT I WANT TO CRY BLOOD. okay. Hyperbole detected. /clears throat/ So, what am I saying again ? Ah. Ranting. It's almost end of the sem- no. More to the semester has already ends, except for finals which is a week to come.

Summary of semester two ? Should I say suck ? But not really. It might be suck but there's always a silver lining behind every cloud. Semester two is when everyone is tested with various challenges; assignments (as usual), friendships, relationships and etc. As for me, it is a mixture of assignments and friendship. Back in semester one I believe I had told you people about those crazy peeps that I call family right. Hah. I'm quite sad to say, the family word does not have any meaning to certain people. (I guess.)

The most accurate expression! Well, off with that. I'll just wish for them to have a happy life with their new bunch of friends. Hopefully, they'll never leave those new friends. 
Well, another thing is assignments. This semester for sure, we have lots and lots of group assignments. Talking about group assignments, I mean GROUP. It is supposed to be a whole lot easier since group, where everyone should take responsibility and work together as a group. However, it didn't go well as it is supposed to be. It is kind of frustrating that these people never realised their responsibility, keep on complaining they are busy as if I am not. Yeah right. It feels like people are just using me for the sake of assignments. Maybe you don't meant to do that way but yeah. I am deeply hurt. No apologising either. HAHA. saddest thing. Well. Let's move on. 

I still have insecurity issue with my body, more specific, my weight. Bam. Ah well. Three months of holiday. Hopefully, I can weigh down within that three months. /praying hard/  It's not that I am not thankful of what I am right now. It's just. I need to love myself more. But. Duh. should I say I am obsessed with being pretty ? Past affects me a lot. hah.  well. /scratches head/ I'm becoming lazier to continue. qwertyuiopasdfghjkl /mentally cries/ I need to get back to studying so bye!

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