Thursday, December 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Memandangkan dah lama aku tak update blog ni, memang dah pasti, tak byk yg lawat. Or, takde langsung. Kekeke~ ketawa pulak. :D so, hari ni, nak ckp psl ILoveMyMom. Yeah. 2,3 hari ni, aku sgtlah berterima kasih kat my mom. Well, actually, bkn stakat 2,3 hari ni, but the entire life, aku sgt berterima kasih dkat mama. She's the one who gave birth to me, taught me ABC's and 1,2,3's. She bought anything I wanted, MOSTLY. She gave me pocket money, duhh, simple, my life is just perfect. :) And yet, she never said anything, except, 'I want you to study hard so that you will have a good future.' She concerned too much about me. But she kept saying this one sentence, 'Study hard so that you can get a good job, and live happily because last time I never had the chance to further my studies like you.Grandpa had already pensioned, while my siblings were still in school, as the eldest sister, Grandpa asked me to find a job. I might be an excellent student in school, if i had enough time to study instead of taking care of my siblings and doing household chores.' Mom came from a poor family. Yeah, I'm so grateful,for the life i got today. Everyday, she went to work, but mom never complained. I don't deny that sometimes, Mama was always nagging at me, and it hurts my ears to hear that. Uhh. But,everything she said was true. She nags because i'm lazy to clean up my room, forgetful(that's so true), i didn't put her things well after using, and lazy to study which causes my result going down down and down. Sorry mum. :")
I am a prefect in my school. So, we got our own prefect uniforms. But the uniform to be wear on Mon-Thurs, is just one pair,given by the school. So, mum decided to buy another cloth which has almost the same colour with the one school gave. The cloth itself cost more than RM100. And today, I picked up the ready-made uniforms,it costs RM 120,For four pairs. Thanks mum. :) so, i didn't have anymore schoolbags as most of them were torn and worn out. I asked mom that i wanted to buy a school bag. She said to buy with my own money. I said okay. So, then, she watched some Angry Birds tee, and they were sold at a cheap price,so she asked me, 'do you want to buy this ?',so i said, no,i'm saving my money for buying the bag. she said nevermind, i'll pay for this. So, i picked one. Thanks again mum. At the counter, she then said, 'don't worry, i'll buy your bag,'. And i was quite surprised. We went to Parkson, and we bought a branded bag that cost more than RM100. once again, mom 'throw' out so much money for me. Thanks again and again mum. :')
Well, from here,i can see, mom would do anything for their child, as long as they live happily, and healthy,not to mention, comfortably, and study hard. 

Friday, December 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum. This entry is linked to the entry before. Walaupun kau dah remove aku, aku tetap mintak maaf kat kau. banyak2. nmpkny kau memang marah gila kat aku. i had no idea what i'm getting myself into, memang aku clueless sgt2 yg kau akan mrh. I was just, yeah, aku tahu, gurauan aku memang melampau. Thanks to me, kau mesti benci sgt2 kat aku now kan ? I know, kalau aku kutuk2 diri aku kat sini pun no use, kau tak baca pun . Just this is where i put all my feelings inside, just wanted you to know, aku memang rasa bersalah sgt skarang ni. Betul2 bersalah. Ya Allah. bodohnya aku. i admit, aku memang tak fikir dulu sblm wat statement camtu kelmarin. But, I'm really, really sorry. aku tahu ,cakap memang sng, kau still marah lg kat aku. tp, skali lg aku ckp, aku memang betul2 mintak maaf sgt2. aku tak tahu lagi apa yg aku perlu buat slain dr mintak maaf, so that you'll forgive me. but, this is the only little thing that i could do, is to ask for forgiveness. seriously, aku memang tak maksudkan apa yg aku ckp kelmarin. Pls, maafkan aku. Rasa bersalah kat kau buat aku rasa tak tenang. I'll never give up saying sorry. pls, aku tak nak hilang kawan. Aku post kemaafan aku anywhere i could, walaupun aku tahu kau gerenti tak baca punya, sbb kau memang benci kat aku. Tapi, aku betul2, sorry. SORRY.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kepada Insan yg Bergelar Kawan.

Assalamualaikum. Bloggers, readers. Korang pasti ada kawan kan ? begitu jugak aku. tanpa kawan, gelak ketawa, gurau senda mereka, kita pasti kesunyian. Okay. biar aku berterus terang. Aku dah kecikkan hati sorg kwn ni. And aku really tak bermaksud untuk sakitkan hati dia. Aku just kidding with dia punya adik. but,  dia terbaca post tu on fb. i'm so SORRY. aku memang tak berniat utk buat kau sakit hati. i'm just kidding. aku tak sangka kau marah kat aku. please, forgive me. kau antara kwn terbaik aku. sorry sgt2. aku tak tahu apa aku nak buat kalau kau tak ada sbg kwn aku. aku memang rasa guilty sgt2 ! aku mintak maaf sgt2 ! sometimes, aku mmg annoyed jugak dkt kau, tapi, kau pun mesti ada annoyed jugak dkat aku, tapi kau tak bagitau. but, kalau kau tak buat aku annoyed, sure aku takkan ketawa punya. kawan, sorry sgt2 ! aku tahu, aku memang tak pandai sgt nak mengatur perkataan. sometimes, kata2 aku buat kau sakit hati. okay2. bkn sometimes, myb most of the times. okay, i'm willing to do anything aslkan kau maafkan aku. sorry sgt2 ! aku betul2 tak maksudkan nak sakitkan hati kau. SORRY ! SORRY ! SORRY ,KAWAN. you are one of my best friend. aku taknak friendship ni, hilang mcm tu je. pls, maafkan aku ! SORRY PLEASE ! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Ends Here. :')

Assalamualaikum. Uh-oh. Just back from Kuching yesterday. well, holiday not yet ends but, for me it seems like. so, I shop a LOT in KUCHING. LOL. bought some pashminas, and clothes. Grr. I love fashion. :3 i'm kinda disappointed because i didn't found A-cha. I want to buy Mr simple Version B , but i'm lack of Rm 20. UHH. that's great. Things turn greater when mom gave me Rm 100 and Paps gave me another 100 too,but i didn't get the chance to go to Speedy again when i went to The Spring. grr,. why didn't i take the golden chance ? perhaps i need some Greyson Chance. woops. -.-' sorry. and so, i can't wait for school. Responsibility as a prefect with my two best buddies. Yeah yeah. Power. Uh-oh. XD we're going to wear the prefect's uniform. BAHAHAHAHA. (* evil laugh !) i'm proud and so proud. aren't you ?

SO, back to my holiday. Uh-oh. Yeah, hey, i haven't finished talking bout my holiday yet. I went to the Spring, Boulevard, The Hills, Parkson, Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, Wisma Satok ,yeah. That's all i guess. we planned to go to Borneo Height and Annah Rais Hot spring, but the entrance fee for Borneo Height is super expensive, i'd rather climb the Mount Kinabalu. Almost the same isn't it ? uh-oh. as for Annah Rais, the day suddenly went sad and cried. Yeah, it's metaphor,I guess,the day cried and blablabla. Okay, enough. So, shopping at the spring, i bought some Donuts from Big Apple and mom bought a Pierre Cardin handbag. whoo. I thought to buy some coffee from starbucks, but a lot of people, English man, queue up to buy drinks too. so, uhh. just forget it. maybe sometimes later.  Boulevard, bought a peach pashmina and guess, i met my super annoying crazy funny brother. He makes me shocked. HAHA. Luckily, I didn't get heart attack. or, grr. i can't even imagine. GAHAHAA. mom got shocked too bro. she cursed you. (* super big lie XD)

Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, watched Space Opera and Legends of Perseus and Andromeda. it's dark in there. really felt like flying in the sky. and UFO'S too. ahha. grr. Uhh. i'm lack of idea now. so, guess, this entry ends here. Goodnight. Love always. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally, Holiday tak la boring sangat ~

Assalamualaikum . :) Trip to Kuching, meoww meoww ! Akhirnya, sampai jugak aku kat kuching ni. lepas ni nak g shopping. tyme ni rehat2 dulu, sbb penat seharian in the car wookk~ oleh sbb aku ni mabuk kereta, spanjang perjlnn aku tido je. HAHA. grr. kesian2. okaylah. entry stakat ni je dulu. :D salam, love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers. :D Hmm. malam ni indah kan. well, well, i just finished stargazing with my brother. actually, we're waiting for meteor showers. It's Geminids night ! Peak at 2 or 4 a.m. so, we're going to wake up again and watch those meteors. i guess i caught one just now. :) uhhyeah. tonight's entry is about I love you, but i can't tell you. he already finished his exam. so, remember ,i told that i'm going to tackle him after his exam finished ? well,actually, i decided to not to. uhh. it's kind of..i mean, i don't have any guts to tell him. i'm traumatized of being rejected. Grr. i had already been rejected by other guys once, and i'm not going to be rejected again. so, i'd rather keep my mouth shut...and bear all those jealousy. yeah2. uhh. jealousy. L, please ?

yeah, thanks a lot L. :) actually, yeah, that's not my jealous face. uh-oh, i'm using it because L's jealous face is cute ! okay2. melalut pulak. berbalik kpd citer aku. *eykk ? dah tuka bm ?tahpapela* aku teringat lagi hari tu, aku dpt sumber dr sorg kwn ni, kira kwn boy tu jugak la. dia kasi aku link girl nih, dia suruh aku survey wall this girl, and korg mmg mst dpt teka what's happening. uhmm. mmg mesra gila doe. nampak mcm he's going to tackle that girl. okay, no prob. anyway, you're not mine. but, tipula kata aku tak jeles. gila sakit hati aku. -.-' mmg spanjang hari tu, aku lyn lagu2 korea yg broken hearted je. wuuu~ seriously, kau buat aku gila. mekasih. i tried to forget you, but i can't. baru skjp aku nak lekakan diri aku, aku teringat kau balik. addicted mcm dadah pulak. eww~ so, uhh. myb dia tahu aku suka kat dia. but, jgn kata aku perasan okayy. i'm not~ aku berani cakap sbb,, dia , aku pun tak tahu. ehh. bercakap pun tak. mmg, no chance baybeh. dgn greyson, myb ada chance. HAHA. opps..sorry, scha ! :P okay2. takat tu je la mlm ni. mata pun dah kabur. nak meteor gazing pulak pkl 2 nanti. nyte all ! love ~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Menonton Drama Korea. Aww !

Assalamualaikum and a very goodnight to all readers and bloggers. (*weh, apasal pulak aku pakai bhs formal nih) okay, before aku nak masuk tajuk entry atas tu, aku nak 'ngerepak' sikit. p/s: ngerepak means meleter. hehe~
dah2 cukup okay,fine. hmm, i guess korang kenal who is Tengku Sophia right ? yeah2. the one who 'popular' in twitter for insulting Islam and Malaysia. well, not just Islam, but, Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. Astaghfirullahalazim..aku tak nak ckp la how dia insult and hina Allah, Rasulullah SAW dan Islam, korg just bukak twitter dia or search kat Google, Tengku Sophia, banyak blogger dah buat entry psl dia. She's just humiliating herself. Try to think, eventhough her mother is a non-muslim,but still, her father is a Muslim. She needs to respect both her parent's religion. Uh-Oh, maybe minah ni nak popular cepat kott, but cara you salah. You nak popular dgn kejahatan,bukan kebaikan. -.-' Aku tak mintak banyak la, aku nak sumpah dia dpn2 pun, lepastu dia sumpah aku balik, buat sakit hati aku, tambah dosa aku je. So, aku doakan pd Allah, agar budak ni diberi la hidayah ke jln yg benar..(Amiin..), kalau tak sedar jugak, Allah shj yg berhak menurunkan azab kat budak ni..(Nauzubillah..harap2 budak ni sedar..)


Dah cukup. Okay. Now, uhh. aku tgh syok mengupdate blog sambil tgk cier Korea. so, at first, i thought citer korea 'Scent of a Woman' ni, tak best. But, at last, lps aku tgk2... best jugak. :) mak aku pun join sekali, so, we watched together. nilah masa mak and anak kongsi minat. yaww~ uh-oh. Lee Dong Wook sbg hero, and heroin, idk laa...but, LDW, so hot la kat sini. he got a tough body. weehee~ dah2, cukup2 la ckp psl hal tu. Oyeahh. This friday, aku nak pegi Kuching. Hmm...nampakny, berhabuk la my blog lepas ni. wuuuu~ :'( mianhae blog. hmm, rasa2nya, setakat tu je  coretan mlm ni. nak lyn citer nihh ! Assalamualaikum, bai !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boring Saturday Night

'Hey, It's saturday, school's out, but nothing to do..oh yeah.. i'm freakin' bored...' 

mak aikss. suara sumbang, maaf. :) ngehee. eh2. lupa nak bagi salam ! Assalamualaikum and a very goodnight to all readers and bloggers.(* night according to Malaysian hours: 21:03)
okay. lagu kat atas tu, hasil nukilan sendiri yeahh. *wek2*
nahh. kan, cuti memang membosankan. waaaaa~ T.T
nak keluar ngan kengkawan, tapi, ka-ching tak ada !
hey2, blanja la kita2 ni. :D hmm. dek kerana teramat la bosan, myb aku akan buat satu lg fanfic. ohh sukenye, sukenye ! Kan dah ckp, aku suka berangan. -.-' memang mat jenin betullah ! keturunan dia ke ? wohhh~
dah la nobody to text, ada pun, bila aku text, reply jauh sekali. HUAHUAHUA ! rasa nak nangis. TT.TT
ohh. sangatla bosan hari ni, sampaikan aku, wordless and kehilangan hampir 100% idea aku, yang kebanyakannya aku penuhkan dgn merapu hentah pape. maaf readers sekalian, penulis sangat la kehabisan idea sekarang ni. fuuu~ okay. fine. cukup. rasanya stakat tu je la malam ni erkk. ehh, gerhana ! tak tgk ke ? me ? takla. nak tgk ngan org tersyg. ahaa. XP okay2. cukup2la merapu hentah pape. goodnight all, love. ^-^

Thursday, December 8, 2011

KPOP Update ! Part 1

Assalamualaikum, Annyeong, and Hello to all readers and bloggers. so, from today now on, I will put some info about Kpop in my pink blog. now, let's check it outt !

Real-Time Video Call from KPOP Stars !-StarCall-

What the heck is Starcall ? What ? Receive Video call from kpop stars ? Lie lie lie. Whoopss ! No ! IT'S FOR REAL OKAY ! Okay, StarCall is a new concept of communication service where you can watch K-POP Stars;Vivid daily lives through video calls in real time. So, if you got Android phone or iPhone, then, you got a chance ! Download via Apps Market or iPhone apps market. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? LET'S DO IT NOW YEAHH !

Monday, December 5, 2011


Assalamualaikum. :) Okay ,hari ni tajuk entry pasal perempuan tak bodoh ! aku grm sgt ngan sesetgh kaum Adam ni. *makan cili, rasa pedas okayy ! *

okay. gambar kat atas ni, menunjukkan seorg lelaki yg gataii, chatting dgn aku. aku tak knl dia, so do, trs nak ajak aku berjumpa and p jln2. aku tolak. woii, ntah2 perogol bersiri ke ape , kita x tahu kan ?? blm knl ajak jumpa. euww, ngeri. okay, bkn sekali dia ajak aku berjumpa, but a few times, aku asyik tolak. dia sibuk nak tahu kat mana aku tinggal. mcm2 taktik dia guna, tapi aku tak sebodoh yg disangka. walaupun aku tak alim, aku masih ingat agama, and kan HARAM kalau lelaki dan perempuan berjumpa bduaan di tmpt yg sunyi, dan mencurigakan. kau lebih tua dari aku, takkan tak belaja kott ? ini mesej yg aku terima sblm gamba yg kat atas ni.

perlu ke kalau nak knl, nak tmbh kwn,mintak alamat rumah ? iskkk. tak berani aku. maaflah ye. kau fikir aku desperate sgt ke sampai nak bagi alamat rmh kat kau ? PERHATIAN, AKU MASIH 16 TAHUN. masih lagi bersekolah,aku nak study, spm pun tak lepas. engkau usha la kakak2 yg sbaya engkau, bkn budak kecik mcm aku. be matured la lelaki. dia still tak berputus asa and tak puas lg. aku pun heran, apa nak jadi ngan manusia sekarang ni. tak takut dosa ke ? asyik nak ajak jumpa. elak2 kan la maksiat tu weiii ! ingat akhirat byk2. 

aku dah tegaskan taknak jumpa dia, dia masih jugak. aku pun hairan la byk2. bosan dok rmh sorg la konon. ohh, ya, ckp xde sesape yg knl utk d ajak berjumpa. woii, habis ko kenal aku ke ? aku rasa kau lagi knl ngan kakak2 kat tmpt keje kau, lebih dr aku. p/s: AKU TAK BODOH. -.-'
Aku nak rasa kesian, tak dpt. knapa tak jumpa tmn nyata kat tmpt kje, dr dia jmpa kwn kat alam maya ? 
dah muka dia mcm mana pun aku x tahu. dia je tahu muka aku. naya aku dibuatnya. -.-'

so, pesanan utk polan ni, myb kau tak faham. kat tmpat kau mgkin tak sama ngan tmpt aku. or mungkin, aku yg tak sama dgn minah2 yg kau pnah kenal. utk si polan, maaflah. kalau nak ajak aku keluar sbb aku lawa, cantik dan blablabla, baik tak payah. dpt dosa adalah. lagi satu, jgn tanya aku tinggal kat mana ,selagi aku mmg tak knl kau dan tak percaya kat kau. aku masih ada harga diri yg akan ttp aku pertahankan sampai ke hujung nyawa aku. aku mmg tak alim, tapi aku masih tahu batas2 pergaulan dlm agama. Harap, perkara mcm ni, boleh jd iktibar buat si polan, and semua readers. :D 
sekian. ^-^

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