Sunday, November 22, 2009

huh~heartbreaking !

last night i watched Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA)..
i'm bit disappointed hearing about the fight between SME n Mnet..
well, it's bcoz the one who became the main victim is bands under SME such as SHINee , SNSD, Super Junior n others as well..

but thank God, Super Junior had won 3 awards that nyte !
happy 4 them !^.^

i enjoy the performance by 2NE1 as well whereby they sang 'I don't Care' just like musical..
hehe !

i didn't managed to watched MAMA till the end, but i got these news from allkpop website !
thanks to allkpop , with them i can get freshie n latest news bout kpop !
keep up ur good job !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Intro :)

My name is Miya..
Full name ? hrmm~ i think no need..
My first cry ..on 4th November 1995..haha !=p


i love korean drama, movies n songs !
i'm a kpop lover !
Fav groups ? Super junior, SHINee, SNSD,T-ara,ss501 and 2NE1..

well,chingu ! that's all about me !

~take care.cheer up !~
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