Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HeartQuake >n< ryte now...

OMG ! Han Kyung SuJu's case...SME really burdened him..
pity Kyung oppa..
anyway, we as their supporters will always support them !
remember the sayings,'ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE !'

Ahh~ my father bought some 'kompia' for me just now..
really delicious..haha !yummy !XD
i'll show u the pictures later..^^

'dao le ming tian'..
that song..really made me cry..-.-
and the last verse, 'wo ai zhe ni dao yong yuan'
means 'i will love u till forever..'
really touch my heart..
in several weeks, we'll be back to school..
actually, i can't wait to meet my friends !
n then, i can't online like always anymore..huhu ~;(
i'll miss all my friends...


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