Thursday, November 18, 2010


pttny marek ku ngucap. p, x al lha. bz ilak marek doe. SAMAT AIDILADHA lha oe.:)
 okay. i'll start speaking now. :) pas tok gna bhs kebangsaan lak. keke~
today, our school slaughter 3 cows. the 1st tyme the cow was slaghtered, it said " moooo~" yewn. i'm amused. haha. it knew that it would die sooner or later. but, i don't really care that, coz the cow would end up its life in our lovely stomach ! keke~ grrr. last day of schooling. BORED ! no friends, no 'him' n no STUDY ! boooo~ but, it would be kinda bored if we study 365/24/7..haha. would u ? 
just waiting for pmr result now. i want a touchscreen hp. idc what my mom said. i want it damnfuckin' much ! haha~


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