Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hella ! opps ! sorry,inappropriate way to greet. hehee~ hello. well,well,well. it's kind of noisy tonight. people are going to the town to march for Christmas. i wonder, why the hell they did that earlier. my mom said,perhaps they don't want to do last minute. Yeah, I just watched Harry Potter & The sorcerer's stone n it had not finished yet. T.T .My father asked me to take care of my little sister because he is going to take my mom from the RH Hotel. she went for schoolmate reunion for her batch. gosh. it's way too long. dad said mom's going to be back at 11.30 p.m. -.-' it looks like i'd sleep late today. huhh~

btw, talking about Harry Potter. he's CUTEE when he was still a child. now, not really. harhar. so innocent and pure. :P and oliver wood is just cutee ! now, he's quite old i guess. woww ! i guess most UK guys are handsome, cute & gorgeous. + gentlemen. harhar. 

now, i'm getting nervous. waiting for my lower secondary assessment's result. my mom promised to buy me LG Cookie 3G if i got straight A's for my result. GEEZ! i want that phone fuckingfreakingmuch babe ! uhh. i HOPE & PRAY that i'd get straight A's ! it's just 5 days left ! starting my countdown !


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