Friday, February 18, 2011


UHH. i'm so TIRED this week ! full of school activities. but, it worth !
furthermore, i've been appointed by the teacher as one of my school's magazine editor. :)
yesterday, we, the POLICE CADET, went to sibu jaya for the Sibu Jaya Police Station Opening Ceremony. i saw A LOT of wonderful performances by the policemen. the showed about marching( the policemen march UNIFORMLY ! SO BEAUTIFUL AND TIDY !) ,k9 force,that is the police that handles the trained dogs that are used to detect drugs and catch the criminal. Those dogs are EXTREMELY HUGE ! the 'pancaragam' team or in english, band played various wonderful music with GREAT VARIOUS instruments ! i was so excited ! also, we took some pictures with the Deputy National Police Chief ! i get to shake hands with him ! I respect the deputy a LOT ! but actually, my ambition was to be a doctor !


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