Monday, June 6, 2011

noisy !!

OMY ! just after i wrote about this,the noise stop for a while, and now it START AGAIN ! what sound is that ? hell, sounds like there's a nightclub behind my house. CREEPY for a night ! okay,it stopped now. -.-'
yeahh~! i'm quite disappointed + sad + crap feelin' when i read this. -.-' sorry LDH. 

umphh. my friend & I keep mentioning bout this on twitter. actually,not just him, others too. 
in FACT,MOST ,*i think ALL* the other ELFS feel jealous+sad+heartbroken (excluding me,i've tried to control my emotion,trust me, take a deep breath really works!)when they heard about patient the other ELFs. ^-^

anyway,i learnt a new lesson today ! i mean fashion of course~~~
i learnt how to style my hijab from our gorgeous muslimah designer, HANA TAJIMA SIMPSON.
for tose who didn't know her,she's a Japan English woman. ^-^ like her style. she proves that girls wearing Hijab still can be a FASHIONISTA ! that's y i LOVE fashion !
want to learn how to wear pashmina shawl ? visit here. ALL information are in this website !

p/s: sorry for my inappropriate words(*if there are),if u feel like angry or unsatisfied,terribly sorry.  i just like to say what i want to say. lasty, i LOVE u all. ^-^ no hatred okayy ?


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