Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nado molla~ -o-

my title today, 'nado molla.' what's that ? try google translate.okay. here's now. I got a friend. one of my best friend. okay stop. i'll just say it out. she seems forgetting us. no calls,no texts, no wall2wall. so, i'm kinda hurt. i mean not just me. the whole group miss her and hurt by her action. ya i know u got new friends there, perhaps better than us, which i guess yes, but pls, don't forget us. REMEMBER our happiest time together. i just miss that time. i don't care if u got a whole lot of new friends, i know that coz u're beautiful. that makes it easy. bcoz we don't care about looks to be our friends. but, see, u're forgetting us. not even wishing Happy Fasting  to us. i'm sad and hell. i know nothing to be done ! 

next, uhh. i'm feeling empty. seriously, i dunno who do i like. he or him ? argghh~ who cares. i got my korean 'boyfriends'. HAHA. dreamin' isn't wrong. :P  okay guys ,i think that's all. goodbye, HAPPY FASTING !


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