Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Ends Here. :')

Assalamualaikum. Uh-oh. Just back from Kuching yesterday. well, holiday not yet ends but, for me it seems like. so, I shop a LOT in KUCHING. LOL. bought some pashminas, and clothes. Grr. I love fashion. :3 i'm kinda disappointed because i didn't found A-cha. I want to buy Mr simple Version B , but i'm lack of Rm 20. UHH. that's great. Things turn greater when mom gave me Rm 100 and Paps gave me another 100 too,but i didn't get the chance to go to Speedy again when i went to The Spring. grr,. why didn't i take the golden chance ? perhaps i need some Greyson Chance. woops. -.-' sorry. and so, i can't wait for school. Responsibility as a prefect with my two best buddies. Yeah yeah. Power. Uh-oh. XD we're going to wear the prefect's uniform. BAHAHAHAHA. (* evil laugh !) i'm proud and so proud. aren't you ?

SO, back to my holiday. Uh-oh. Yeah, hey, i haven't finished talking bout my holiday yet. I went to the Spring, Boulevard, The Hills, Parkson, Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, Wisma Satok ,yeah. That's all i guess. we planned to go to Borneo Height and Annah Rais Hot spring, but the entrance fee for Borneo Height is super expensive, i'd rather climb the Mount Kinabalu. Almost the same isn't it ? uh-oh. as for Annah Rais, the day suddenly went sad and cried. Yeah, it's metaphor,I guess,the day cried and blablabla. Okay, enough. So, shopping at the spring, i bought some Donuts from Big Apple and mom bought a Pierre Cardin handbag. whoo. I thought to buy some coffee from starbucks, but a lot of people, English man, queue up to buy drinks too. so, uhh. just forget it. maybe sometimes later.  Boulevard, bought a peach pashmina and guess, i met my super annoying crazy funny brother. He makes me shocked. HAHA. Luckily, I didn't get heart attack. or, grr. i can't even imagine. GAHAHAA. mom got shocked too bro. she cursed you. (* super big lie XD)

Sultan Iskandar Planetarium, watched Space Opera and Legends of Perseus and Andromeda. it's dark in there. really felt like flying in the sky. and UFO'S too. ahha. grr. Uhh. i'm lack of idea now. so, guess, this entry ends here. Goodnight. Love always. :)


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