Thursday, December 16, 2010


Guess what ? nothing actually. i just wished if i live in UK. there's nothing much here. guys ? all the handsome ones had been taken by beautiful & gorgeous girl & women. i'm pretty jealous of them. huh~ i'm not that gorgeous .-.-' but, i LOVE myself ohkay ? uhh. envy my best friends, Reen and Niesa. they both got a handsome boyfriend. -.-' mine ? no, i don't have one ! harhar. *shouldn't laugh. i'm weirdos. aha. sorry,but that's who i am. :D* uhh. i wish if i had a GORGEOUSSEXYSLIMBEAUTIFUL body like Yoon A from SNSD. but, it's just a dream. i'm still on my way to it. working outs, making abs. on my way. aha. now, i'm much slimmer than before. i'm such a BIGFATLOSER when i'm 13. nobody likes me. that's when i lose my self-esteem. well, we might love ourself,but we need to change some for good, right ? well, that's all for tonight. :) GOODNIGHT & precious LOVE from me.


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