Friday, December 17, 2010

-.-' Sad, Frustrated . Huhh~

uhh. aku frust sangat hari nih. terlepas macam2. firstly, aku terlepas MUBANK. bangang la aku !2ndly, i'm kind of jealous. OMG. what i'm thinking about ?! no .no. no. i shouldn't think about him again ! FULLSTOP ! gosh.pleaseee. 3rdly, i feel a bit emo today. everytime i see the MUSIC BOX , i REALLY wished that someone special would give me that !Plus, my Mom told me, she always get those from her boyfriends. Jealous ! Jealous ! Jealous !

uhh.Gosh. life without someone special is just suck !
but, what can I do, mom keep saying, 'study first dear.i'm pretty sure that A LOT of guys will wait for you out there.'
and i just nod my head. but my heart say other things. uh-oh. 
my heart said 'uhh. i'm getting a boyfriend for experience mom. i want to try & feel it.'
psssssssst : don't tell my mom ! or else, i'll die !*.*

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