Wednesday, April 20, 2011

huh. -.-'

i got one more debate text to be finished. i'm actually tired of hearing my parents muttering about me, joining debate. i know,what they concerned is about my future. but, please, let me decide on my own. i'm already stressed now and what you both just said to me, makes me feel more stressed and unmotivated. just to let you both know, i even cried. please,mom,dad..i know to manage my own time. we still have weekends in a week. so, i can study during the weekends. weekdays is to do homeworks and etc. if i had time, i 'll learn. but this debate thing, i need to finish it in a hurry. it's not far to go for the debate competition. and my aim is to win it. in a day, i go back home at 5.00 p.m. i take my bath for 30 minutes, and started doing my homework.if i had a LOT of homework that day, and i finished it at 20:00 p.m., then, i have to sleep late in order to study and prepare for my debate text. sleeping late ? and then, i'll sleep in the class ? thanks, yeah. i've started to sleep in the class. that's because of your pressure. maybe after this i wouldn't sleep the whole day and my result would be worst than ever. Please mom, dad, BELIEVE ME. i know what i'm doing and i know you both love me. but, please, i'm 16 and i'm old enough to decide things on my own. i mean, about schooling.  just what i felt. :) thanks for reading.



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