Thursday, December 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Memandangkan dah lama aku tak update blog ni, memang dah pasti, tak byk yg lawat. Or, takde langsung. Kekeke~ ketawa pulak. :D so, hari ni, nak ckp psl ILoveMyMom. Yeah. 2,3 hari ni, aku sgtlah berterima kasih kat my mom. Well, actually, bkn stakat 2,3 hari ni, but the entire life, aku sgt berterima kasih dkat mama. She's the one who gave birth to me, taught me ABC's and 1,2,3's. She bought anything I wanted, MOSTLY. She gave me pocket money, duhh, simple, my life is just perfect. :) And yet, she never said anything, except, 'I want you to study hard so that you will have a good future.' She concerned too much about me. But she kept saying this one sentence, 'Study hard so that you can get a good job, and live happily because last time I never had the chance to further my studies like you.Grandpa had already pensioned, while my siblings were still in school, as the eldest sister, Grandpa asked me to find a job. I might be an excellent student in school, if i had enough time to study instead of taking care of my siblings and doing household chores.' Mom came from a poor family. Yeah, I'm so grateful,for the life i got today. Everyday, she went to work, but mom never complained. I don't deny that sometimes, Mama was always nagging at me, and it hurts my ears to hear that. Uhh. But,everything she said was true. She nags because i'm lazy to clean up my room, forgetful(that's so true), i didn't put her things well after using, and lazy to study which causes my result going down down and down. Sorry mum. :")
I am a prefect in my school. So, we got our own prefect uniforms. But the uniform to be wear on Mon-Thurs, is just one pair,given by the school. So, mum decided to buy another cloth which has almost the same colour with the one school gave. The cloth itself cost more than RM100. And today, I picked up the ready-made uniforms,it costs RM 120,For four pairs. Thanks mum. :) so, i didn't have anymore schoolbags as most of them were torn and worn out. I asked mom that i wanted to buy a school bag. She said to buy with my own money. I said okay. So, then, she watched some Angry Birds tee, and they were sold at a cheap price,so she asked me, 'do you want to buy this ?',so i said, no,i'm saving my money for buying the bag. she said nevermind, i'll pay for this. So, i picked one. Thanks again mum. At the counter, she then said, 'don't worry, i'll buy your bag,'. And i was quite surprised. We went to Parkson, and we bought a branded bag that cost more than RM100. once again, mom 'throw' out so much money for me. Thanks again and again mum. :')
Well, from here,i can see, mom would do anything for their child, as long as they live happily, and healthy,not to mention, comfortably, and study hard. 


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