Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maybe I should Just Go on...

Today's debate, we lost. I cried on the spot. uhh. Well, i aimed to go to the final, but i can't make it, so, I'm really disappointed. As soon as I cried, the judges, teachers, friends keep on telling me it's okay, it's okay,i've done my best. Thank you all. :') i'm fine now, don't worry. Just those comforting words made me feel like I'm going to cry once more, which made me laugh to think of it. i need someone to hear me, but that person, wasn't there for me. So, I thought for a while. Maybe he's lack of credits, well, MAYBE. i'm being positive. but in other way, maybe he's not the one for me. I mean, yeah, i do love him, but, love doesn't guarantee that person is going to be with you the entire life right ? especially, if it's one sided love. undoubtedly, it hurts. it feels like, your heart had been ripped into two, but yet, you still love him. no need to ask why,your heart decide.
so i thought, maybe i should let him go, but half of mine said no. *crunch crunch* i'm eating a burger. uhh. adele told me, 'sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead. regrets and mistakes they are memories made,' she's right. :) maybe it would be hard for me to forget him because, he's my first love. (*what ? repeat please ? are you kidding me ?) yeah, he's my 1st love. the others ? come on dude, they're not love. i looked them based on looks, yeah well, before i fell into him. grr~  so, that's all. i'm being emotional today, and i'll be fine tomorrow. no worries.
p/ass: emo day means eating day. :')


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