Thursday, April 5, 2012


Assalamualaikum. :)

The dark night,
Filled with stars,
Enlightened by the moon,
Together they bright up the night.
I'm here, sitting on the roof.
Watching the dark sky,
Smiling at the stars,
While thinking of you.
I'm like the moon,
Without stars, i'm nothing.
The nights turn dull, and the moon shed tears.
The moon alone in the darkness of night.
Oh, stars, you are my everything. 
You were always there when i need you.
Spreading your love, and wipe my tears.
My stars, i'll cherish you and only you. 
so, the poem/song/whatever it is, was originally made by me, sincerely from the deep of my big heart. :)  thanks for those who became my stars. Mama,papa, Niesa, Mieyn,Lala, Hani,Bro Wan, Nani, that someone, and of course, YOU guys who brightened my day by visiting my blog and following me, and leaving your footprints in my shoutbox. Thanks all. :) Love you guys. Lots of starry love.


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