Monday, June 25, 2012

'neodo nancheorom ireoke apeunji..'

Assalamualaikum. :) okay,apa jadahnya aku menyanyi lagu korea merangkap background music blog aku pulak. tibe je. haha. kays. ada sebab. hemm. canne nak citer ekk ? okay okay. bila someone yang agak rapat ngan korang likes the same guy, what you guys gonna do ? and that guy seems to remember her more than he remembers you. i mean, as if he remembered. if yes, untunglah. if not, that's freaking disappointing. so, that's the story. yesterday, i logged in my Facebook account and and, i felt quite happy at first until i saw something that felt like, heart breaking. It feels like i'm gonna cry, but tears won't flow out. really. but my heart felt like it has been stabbed several times, contract,and the wound felt so deep. She's my friend on fb so i can see her statuses, comments and blah blah. you know the normal things that friends of friends can do. so, when i saw both of them the only thing that i could do is sighing and frowning. yeah yeah. can't do anything. it hurts, hurts and really hurts. but i don't hate the girl nor anybody. :') it's her rights to like someone and i have no rights to prevent that feeling,right ? she just started to like that guy, and me, it was last year. about a year, i hide my feelings. yeah ,and so do now. i'm not as brave as she is, so she deserves it. okay fine. serves me right. *slaps slaps* the ego in me. humm. i still chatted, talked and greeted the girl as usual. pretending not to know, and keep on putting my plastic smile even though it hurts inside. yeah. you might see ,i looked like crazy in the outside, happily smiling. it's not like that i don't want people to worry about me cause i know nobody actually cares so give it an eraser. -.-'  it's just, i don't want people to see me as a weak person. no, i don't. that's what i am. i don't want to look weak. i don't want to look like i'm depending on people especially guys. see ? that's the ego. i know myself well. so, yeah. that's it.


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