Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ladies ,Beware .

gambar dipetik dari encik Google, from Virgin 3. :)

Assalamualaikum. :) *senyum sikit*  hari ni, nak cerita sikit pasal human trafficking. As we all know, human trafficking is mostly happen on women and childrens, which is a quite serious issue going on now. Girls, aged 15-19 are often the main victims. why ? because they are young, innocent,naive, and should i say, fresh. yeah. fresh, and these girls, are paid at a high rate. i repeat, HIGH RATE. a research indicates that over75 % to 80 % of human trafficking is for sex. it's a pity for those ladies to be treated such a way. they are not just being sell, but they are tortured, brutalized and sadly, over 30,000 victims of sex trafficking died from disease and abuse. so ladies, I'd like to share my opinions on human trafficking. why people do human trafficking ? well, simple. they want money and we, women and children, are being sold as if we do not have any pride. as if we're worthless. it is sad to know that human can be bought. And if you think about it, it seems like we're going back to the world, thousands years ago. Where there are slavery, you can buy them, doing auction on human. Well, yeah. We're back to the stone age. The only difference is, slavery nowadays, mostly needed for sex and drugs. Women and children are treated like trash. Back to stone age, AGAIN. Ladies and sisters, i'd like to remind you and myself, to be extra careful to the world around us. The world today is insecure. Crimes are everywhere. Do not trust strangers easily. Human trafficking can happen anywhere, everywhere and anytime, which we can't predict. It could happen via facebook,Twitter and other social networking sites. Keep your personal information safe. Do not entertain those who asked for your phone numbers and address, unless if you REALLY know them. If they wanted to meet you personally, you may bring your friends with you and NEVER be alone with that person. Well,who knows right ? or it would be the best if you reject his/her offer. Who cares if people say that you're arrogant or hate to socialize ? As long as you can keep yourself safe and sound. :D Next, wear appropriate clothes. Using sexy clothes would attract these human traffickers. For Muslims, that is the use of hijab, and Allah's order to cover our aurah. Allah loves us. He knows the best for us.Never think His order as a load. :)  Most important dear ladies, never trust sweet words. Be smart. Do not be blinded by praises. As a girl aged around 16-19 myself, I always remind myself to be careful to the world out there. Remember Allah always. Keep praying. InsyaAllah, Allah will always be with you, guides your way, and protects you. Amiin. :)


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